Tecate Score San Felipe 250 2013

With almost half of the course on terrain that either has never been used or not used for many years, the new era of SCORE International officially begins Friday with the start of pre-running in preparation for March’s season-opening 27th annual MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 desert race.
The spectacular 254-mile race course runs in a counter-clockwise direction and starts and finishes at the landmark San Felipe arches.
The race course goes north of Highway 3 for one of the first times ever in this race, covering over 100 miles up to the south end of Laguna Salada and back. Tecate Score San Felipe 250 2013 -
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Another major change in this year’s course is that the Zoo Road crossing has been moved west to a safer area where the terrain is more technical than the traditional high-speed ‘whoops’ which will slow the race vehicles down in an area of high spectator concentration.
The race course also includes three of the infamous Baja washes - Huatamote, Chanate and Amarillas before heading to the finish line.
The course includes nearly 50 virtual checkpoints to help insure the safety and the integrity of the challenging race course.