Tecate Score San Felipe 250 2012 prerunning & fuel advisory

All race teams are strongly advised to prerun and race using the official course gps file. The entire race course will be open for prerunning from Saturday, February 25 through Friday, March 9.
Mexican liability insurance and governmental permits are in effect for prerunning only during the above stated dates.
Prerunning is not racing!!! prerunning is the opportunity to preview the race course while at the same time exercising a high degree of caution and proceeding at a safe, reasonable and controlled speed.
Be advised that all roads on the race course are open to local traffic during prerunning. unsafe prerunning is not only dangerous, but also disrespectful to the local citizens.
Prerunning in an unsafe manner may subject the driver to legal jeopardy with the mexican police. it may also subject the team to a race penalty.

Think wisely first, rather than regretting your unsafe actions later. Use good judgement while prerunning.

It is illegal to transport fuel in dump cans or drums from the united states into Mexico. However, your vehicle fuel cell can cross the border full.
If transporting fuel during prerunning after purchase in Mexico, you must receive a detailed receipt from your fuel supplier and be prepared to present this receipt to Mexican authorities as proof that the fuel was purchased in Mexico.